Find Out How Netflix Became a Responsive Site

/// Find Out How Netflix Became a Responsive Site

March 5, 2014  |  Blog

As responsive web design gains popularity, it won’t be a surprise to start noticing it on some of the most well-known websites. Take, for example, Netflix. Let The Netflix Tech Blog walk you through the website’s process of streamlining the user experience through responsive design.

As the Netflix team set out to use responsive web design, the process began like this: “In initial brainstorming meetings, we aligned around a common definition that emphasizes the use of CSS and JS to adapt a common user experience to varying screen sizes and input methods.” Essentially, this means this site automatically responds to the screen size and capabilities of whatever device the audience is using to watch movies and shows on Netflix. The result is less scrolling, pinching, and trying in vain to click on tiny links, whether you’re on your desktop, tablet, or phone.

Have you noticed this difference on the Netflix website? You can find out more about how the process went for the major site by reading The Netflix Tech Blog.

Image credit: Rob Enslin

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