Gmail Makes It Easier To Unsubscribe from Emails

/// Gmail Makes It Easier To Unsubscribe from Emails

February 25, 2014  |  Blog

If you are tired of getting emails you don’t want, you might be glad to hear that Gmail will now put an “unsubscribe”  link at the top of emails. This should make it easy for you to quickly unsubscribe from emails you do not want to get anymore. Of course, this move worries business owners who rely on email marketing, but according to ITworld, it’s not all bad.

Sure, making the unsubscribe button easier to find might increase the chance of customers clicking it, compared to when the button was buried somewhere toward the bottom of each email. But at the same time, this could reduce the chance of emails being marked as spam. That’s because right now, many users who can’t easily unsubscribe simply press the “mark as spam” button. It also means the people who opt to keep getting the emails may be doing so not because they can’t find the unsubscribe button, but because they are really interested in the content.

What do you think of Gmail’s latest move? Read the full article at ITworld and then let us know.

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