Google Missed the Chance to Buy WhatsApp

/// Google Missed the Chance to Buy WhatsApp

February 24, 2014  |  Blog

As you have surely heard by now, Facebook recently bought WhatsApp. What you might not know is that Google was interested in buying it, too, and clearly missed out. The Next Web is apparently interested in what Google’s next move will be.

The reason both Google and Facebook really wanted to buy WhatsApp is the popularity of mobile usage. Such sites may be incredibly popular on the computer, but mobile seems to be a whole different ballgame, with apps like WhatsApp owning that domain. Of course, Google can still increase its presence on mobile by acquiring another app, or by improving Google Hangouts.

Check out what else The Next Web suggests for Google by reading the full article. Do you think Google missed a great opportunity, and what do you think the company should do next?

Image credit: Robert Scoble

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