The Downside of Nokia Windows Phones

/// The Downside of Nokia Windows Phones

February 21, 2014  |  Blog

If you long to try something new and a bit unique when it comes to cell phones, you might be thinking about picking up the latest Icon, a Nokia Windows Phone. It’s certainly enticing if you are tired of using Google’s Android or Apple’s iOS. But according to The New York Times, you might come to regret buying this beauty of a phone.

It has a lot to like, sure. You can admire everything from the user interface and display to the camera and its microphones. If you just want to text, call, or take great pictures, you might be satisfied with the Icon. But as The New York Times’ Farhad Manjoo admits, “If you want to use your phone to play the latest games, to experiment with new social-networking apps, to try the newest ways to pay for merchandise or to control the newest smartphone-connected devices (say, a smart thermostat), Windows Phone isn’t for you, at least not now.” Essentially, apps are extremely limited for this phone, right now at least.

If this phone has caught your interest and you want to know more of its strengths and weaknesses, check out the full article in The New York Times.

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