Freelance Writers Can Benefit from Common Startup Habits

/// Freelance Writers Can Benefit from Common Startup Habits

February 18, 2014  |  Blog

These days, many writers are freelancing instead of working a steady job at the local newspaper. But as anyone thrown into the freelance world quickly finds out, being a freelance writer requires more than just great writing skills. According to an article at Contently, it actually demands that you act like an entrepreneur with a startup business.

As Contently’s Shane Snow explains, there are certain habits that successful entrepreneurs have, and freelancers should mimic these. For example, automating mundane tasks – like prioritizing your emails or entering data into a spreadsheet –  is a start. Focusing on networking more than just sitting through meetings is another tip.

You can find out what else Contently suggests by reading the full article. Until then, let us know if you agree with these startup habits, or if you have used any of them with success!

Image credit: Håkan Dahlström

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