User Behavior Changes Gradually, Not Immediately

/// User Behavior Changes Gradually, Not Immediately

February 17, 2014  |  Blog

If you have ever noticed an immediate change in the behavior of your audience, you might assume it’s due to any changes you recently made. However, according to AVC, immediate users changes that take place the same day of any modifications you made to your website might be a result of technical difficulties.

In venture capitalist Fred Wilson’s case, he redesigned his website and then started noticing his traffic reduce by up to 30% within weeks. This didn’t seem right, so he started wondering if there was a technical problem. It turned out that due to an issue with the RSS feed, a lot of articles were not getting autoposted like they should have been. Fred summed up, “We make tweaks and something changes right away. That immediate change is usually related to something that brought traffic (google, twitter, rss, email, appstore) and not a design change. More gradual changes (up or down) are usually because of design changes.”

Read the full article at AVC and less us know if you can relate. Have you ever noticed a reduction in traffic to your site right after making a few changes?

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