Jawbone Gains Ground with Wearable Gadgets

/// Jawbone Gains Ground with Wearable Gadgets

February 14, 2014  |  Blog

Have you heard of Jawbone? If you have used tech gadgets like the Up fitness band or Jambox wireless speaker, you have used at least one of Jawbone’s products. And according to Wired, this should worry Apple.

This is because until now, Apple has been known as the leading manufacturer of impressive gadgets. But now that the world is increasingly interested in wearable technology, Jawbone might have the upper hand. As Wired’s Marcus Wohlsen explained, “Hardware is becoming less about screens and more about objects you interact with directly in the physical world. This is Jawbone’s expertise, which puts it squarely in Apple’s rear view. The question is whether Apple — and Google, now that it has made its own hardware gambit with Nest — will simply watch Jawbone gain ground, or snap it up before it gets too close.”

Do you think Apple – or even Google –  should feel threatened by Jawbone? You can learn more about this brand by reading the full article by Wired.

Image credit: Teymur Madjderey

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