Twitter Still Reaps Consequences of Facebook's Instagram Buyout

/// Twitter Still Reaps Consequences of Facebook’s Instagram Buyout

February 13, 2014  |  Blog

It’s been almost two years since Facebook acquired Instagram, but according to Quartz, Twitter may still be suffering from that buyout. In fact, Twitter’s growth has slowed since then, which might not have been the case had the social media site bought out Instagram in 2012.

As Quartz explains, Instagram and Twitter used to enjoy a close relationship, with Instagram making it easy for Twitter users to find their fellow Twitter friends and follow them on the image-based site. Soon afterward, Twitter officials presented the Instagram owners with a verbal offer to buy the site, but apparently the offer wasn’t quite formal enough, which is why Instagram instead accepted Facebook’s offer to buy it out weeks later.

How has this decision affected the relationship between Twitter and Instagram? You can find out the details when you read the full article at Quartz. Have you personally noticed any changes in the relationship between these two sites?

Image credit: Miquel C.

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