The Paywall Is Working Well for The New York Times

/// The Paywall Is Working Well for The New York Times

February 12, 2014  |  Blog

As a reader, you might not always like paywalls, but they surely have some benefits. In fact, according to Bloomberg, The New York Times has apparently seen a lot of perks when it comes to the paywall the paper has had since 2011.

More specifically, the article’s author Edmund Lee reports that The New York Times is “expected to make more money from subscriptions than from advertising — the first time that’s happened.” After throwing out some big numbers relating to the Times’ revenue, he concludes that “the larger significance of the Times’ newfound subscription wealth is that readers, not advertisers, are now more directly responsible for the Times’ business.”

What do you think about paywalls? Do you pay for content by subscribing to online newspapers, or do you think they should be free to readers and supported by ads? Check out Bloomberg and let us know your thoughts.

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