New Messaging App Chaatz Can Increase Your Privacy

/// New Messaging App Chaatz Can Increase Your Privacy

February 11, 2014  |  Blog

Do you live in fear that you’ll one day accidentally send your boss an embarrassing message meant for a good friend or significant other? Or maybe it’s already happened to you. Either way, a new messaging app called Chaatz could keep such a cringe-worthy situation from happening. Kaylene Hong at The Next Web wrote about its most exciting features.

For example, you get a Chaatz number, which is anonymous. That’s helpful for when you want to chat with someone, but do not necessarily want that person to have your number. As the article states, “You can manage your conversations based on your different profiles, and the name of the profile you’ve chosen to use will appear on the top right corner within every chat window so you can ensure you’re messaging someone using the correct profile.” Therefore, this app could help you stay a little more organized when it comes to communicating on your phone.

Find out more of the features that come with Chaatz by reading the full article at The Next Web. And let us know if you think you could benefit from an app like Chaatz!

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