Treatings Co-Founder Praises Startup Constraints

/// Treatings Co-Founder Praises Startup Constraints

February 10, 2014  |  Blog

Lots of people complain about the many constraints involved in starting a business. In fact, it’s not unusual to complain about the various rules you encounter throughout life in general! But one entrepreneur who wrote a blog post for PandoDaily claims to have benefited from the constraints he encountered in the startup world.

According to Hayden Williams, who co-founded Treatings, the rules and regulations involved in starting a business helped him achieve success. From defining his target audience to improving user experience on his website, he and his co-founder Paul struggled to find a balance between constraints and flexibility.

In the article about his experience, Hayden said, “The happiest employees I’ve spoken with work in a structured environment where success is clearly defined and goals are set. But, they are given flexibility to operate within that framework, evaluated based on execution and performance above all else.”

Read the full article at PandoDaily and let us know what you think about this business owner’s findings!

Image credit: John S. Quarterman on Flickr

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