Take the Subway in New York? Then you Know Lucas

/// Take the Subway in New York? Then you Know Lucas

February 9, 2014  |  Blog

Few subway ads have created the uproar that Venmo, a new money exchange app, has in the past few months since rolling out their all-encompassing “Lucas uses Venmo” campaign. If you take the subway, you know what we mean.

Besides the wonderfully horrible Dr. Zizmor ads that all New Yorkers have come to love and look for, we can’t remember a campaign that has been as polarizing as this one from Venmo.

Fast Company had the privilege of being able to email a few questions to Lucas himself through Venmo’s PR company. Surprisingly, Lucas is just a nerdy tech guy who actually works for Venmo and lives in Brooklyn. He was picked for the job while making coffee in the office after a morning meeting one day.

Also, the mustache? The ads were shot during Movember, so it was in the mid-growth stage.

Read the rest of Lucas’ interview with Fast Company here.

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