Storytelling Needs to Evolve With the Times

/// Storytelling Needs to Evolve With the Times

February 8, 2014  |  Blog

Do you create content on a daily basis? Then you need to watch this talk from 99u and Gary Vaynerchuk, because there are some hard truths being shared for anyone using social media as a marketing tool.

Talking about how marketers use new platforms that become popular, Vaynerchuk says that the single worst mistake made on social media is “treating it as distribution.” He laments that marketers are still using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and the rest much like they did over 5 years ago with email marketing, instead of looking at them as separate entities that create a different context around the same story or campaign.

We tend to agree. In today’s segmented, ultra-scrollable information channels, people visit different social platforms at different times for different reasons. If marketers treat Instagram and Facebook in the same way when telling stories, the responses will be completely different.

So, how do we change and adapt as quickly as the public does when presented with new social channels, instead of relying on the tried-and-true models that were developed before Snapchat even existed?

Vaynerchuk implores marketers to remember who is using each of these platforms—humans. And since marketers are humans as well, there is a very real and easy way to reach your audience, by using the right human emotions in the right contexts.

Watch the video here.

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