/// New Group Formed to Defend Retransmission Consent

February 4, 2014  |  Media Week

Fights between broadcasters and pay TV over carriage deals always makes for good copy, and a new coalition in Washington is about to make sure there's a lot more for the press to chew on. TVFreedom.org launched today to defend broadcasters and “tell the truth” about the U.S. video marketplace. More specifically, the organization, which counts among its members the National Association of Broadcasters and the major network affiliate groups, was formed to counter the lobbying influence of cable and satellite operators that have been pushing for retransmission consent reform as part of the American Television Alliance. Since the ATVA was formed in July by Time Warner Cable, DirecTV, Dish and other pay TV-providers, the group has put out a constant stream of press releases, blaming broadcasters for blackouts, high carriage fees that lead to higher subscription fees, and making its case that it's well past time Congress take a hatchet to the 1992 Cable Act that put in place retransmission consent. TVFreedom.org is ready to engage. “TVfreedom.org will tell the truth about the state of the video marketplace and call out the pay TV industry’s inside-the-beltway gamesmanship designed solely to increase their record profits,” said Robert Kenny, director of public affairs for TVfreedom.org.

New Group Formed to Defend Retransmission Consent

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