/// Music Discovery Service ExFM Pulls the Plug

December 21, 2013  |  All Things Digital

After a four-year-run, music startup ExFM is throwing in the towel. The company, which operates a music discovery Web site, as well as iPhone and Android apps, says it will shut down its apps, as well as the guts of its site, on January 15. Hardcore users will still be able to access a bit of the service, via a Chrome browser extension; ExFm raised a reported $2.75 million from investors including Spark Capital. Startups are hard, and music startups are much harder . And while there was a short window when digitally savvy music fans were quite interested in ExFM, the service was facing an uphill battle from the get-go: It started out as a Chrome extension, which limited its market to the relatively small group of people who knew what a Chrome extension was and how to use one. Here’s ExFM’s summation of its problems: After an amazing four years of sweat and tears, we’re ever-so-reluctantly accepting the reality of sustaining the Exfm platform as it exists today

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Music Discovery Service ExFM Pulls the Plug

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