/// Electric-Vehicle Owners Get Charged Up Over Charging-Station Manners

December 14, 2013  |  All Things Digital

Dimitrios Papadogonas, a vice president of marketing at Silicon Valley-based ChargePoint, was sitting in the governor’s office not long ago, when he received an alert on his mobile phone. It was from his company’s own app, letting him know that a stranger had unplugged Papadogonas’s electric vehicle, parked two blocks away in a public garage. “I was unplugged for no reason whatsoever. No reason. They didn’t plug in their car — they just unplugged me,” Papadogonas said. “No note!” Call it next-level first-world problems, but some electric-vehicle owners are bristling at what they see as poor etiquette at the charging station — something that wouldn’t have even existed just two or three years ago. As of September, there were roughly 11,500 plug-in electric vehicles in the San Francisco Bay Area . They come with standard owner manuals, but no Emily Post books on “EV Etiquette.” One perceived offense is being unplugged without notice or warning, or having to unplug other idle, fully charged cars that have been parked for hours. Others complain about non-EV owners being in parking spots designated for EVs, and some even think it’s wrong when hybrid EVs — which also run on gas — are parked in prime charging spots. “Please don’t park your MS in an EVSE parking spot unless you need to charge,” a online commenter pleaded in a Tesla-related forum last month, referring to Tesla’s Model S. “On several occasions I’ve seen an MS taking up an EVSE parking spot without charging.

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Electric-Vehicle Owners Get Charged Up Over Charging-Station Manners

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