/// Buy Your Underwear, Rent Your Tuxedo: A Case for the Private Cloud

December 12, 2013  |  All Things Digital

I don’t know about you, but I buy my underwear and I rent my tuxedos. That might sound like a strange way to start an article about private clouds, but hear me out. Private Means Something Private bits belong in private places. There are many good reasons to own your underwear, and I’ll let you use your imagination to fill those in, if you’d like. Security is near the top of the list of concerns about the cloud. Many an IT department take a sidelong glance at the public cloud and says, “Well, I’d have to give up my security perimeter. I’d have to give up my identity management. I’d have to switch up my DNS to accommodate systems that are spread out all over the place.” Framed that way, the “cost” of cloud is just too steep for a lot of organizations. If these are the kinds of concerns you’re hearing, read on. It’s important to realize that you can take a small bite of cloud. You can start with private cloud environments, and keep your border firewalls, stateful packet inspection, and other intrusion-prevention systems all in place, while also allowing developers flexibility about how they consume and provision resources. Not all private cloud providers support keeping your existing identity management systems intact, but Piston does (disclosure: I’m the co-founder and CEO), and so does VMware. This lets you tie your controls over new roles and groups into your existing systems. On so many levels, a private cloud is an easy place to start. What I Mean by Cloud When people say “cloud,” they usually mean three things at once. Cloud is not outsourcing.

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Buy Your Underwear, Rent Your Tuxedo: A Case for the Private Cloud

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