/// Sony Plans a 4K Fest for CES

December 9, 2013  |  All Things Digital

Sony may not use the term “4K” 4,000 times during its CES press conference and keynote. But it will surely come close. The electronics giant is betting heavily on the next big-screen technology to help reestablish Sony’s name as the kind of brand that consumers aspire to buy. “We’re [going] after the premium consumer out there,” said Sony Electronics president Phil Molyneux. The term 4K refers to screens with a resolution of 3,896 by 2,640 pixels, a significant step over today’s high-definition displays, but one that will take time to be affordable and widespread. (For more on that and other emerging TV technologies, check out this piece that my colleague Lauren Goode did from last year’s CES.) Sony already has televisions and video cameras with that resolution, and it is planning to expand into other areas, likely 4K smartphones and computers. “It’s clear people will want to generate their own 4K content,” Molyneux said in a briefing with reporters on Sunday. As for specific new products, Molyneux said we’d have to wait for CES. Molyneux said Sony is also working hard to drive down prices for the TVs and camcorders that can capture and display 4K content

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Sony Plans a 4K Fest for CES

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