/// Weekend Reading — The Latest Open Government Plan (Post-Edward Snowden)

December 8, 2013  |  All Things Digital

On Friday, the Obama administration released another document outlining its efforts at making government more accessible to its citizens and to increase transparency. Titled “The Open Government Partnership: Second Open Government National Action Plan for the United States of America,” I cannot say the 13-page document is a page-turner, but you should read it anyway. That’s especially in light of all the revelations that the government is perhaps not as open and accountable as was thought when the first plan was released in September of 2011. The White House report said most of the more than two dozen promises in that report had been either fulfilled or were being addressed. This was, of course, all before the revelations of government surveillance of everyone and their mother (not my mother, unless you are interested in Words With Friends and her excessive enjoyment of the New York Post online). Still, the feds press on with the idea that was at the heart of the Obama administration’s appeal to techies, with “23 new or expanded open-government commitments …” By way of background, from the report: In September 2010, President Obama challenged members of the United Nations General Assembly to work together to make all governments more open and accountable to their people

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Weekend Reading — The Latest Open Government Plan (Post-Edward Snowden)

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