/// BlackBerry Desperation Campaign Continues

December 5, 2013  |  All Things Digital

Interim CEO and Executive Chairman John Chen is going to turn around BlackBerry just the way he turned around Sybase. This according to Prem Watsa, BlackBerry’s largest shareholder and the latest company mouthpiece to sound off in a campaign to proclaim to the world its longevity in the face of what appears to be a fast dwindling lifespan. In a Wednesday interview with Reuters, Watsa called Chen an outstanding leader, one who is certain to reinvigorate BlackBerry. With the $1 billion in financing that Watsa’s Fairfax Financial has provided it, the dilapidated smartphone pioneer’s turnaround is all but assured. “[BlackBerry is] company that deserves to exist and with John Chen it will,” Watsa said . “It’s got lots of cash, it has a long runway for John to make sure that the company is successful.” Watsa certainly sounds optimistic about BlackBerry’s chances under Chen

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BlackBerry Desperation Campaign Continues

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