/// Twitch Takes Up Cat Herding With Ban on PlayStation 4′s Playroom

November 27, 2013  |  All Things Digital

How did no one see this coming? The PlayStation 4 has an optional camera accessory, games that use that camera, and the option to stream any game live to the Internet via the popular gaming-video service Twitch . Put those three ingredients together, let simmer for a week, and boom: Naked people , among other things. First, Twitch was banning individual users for inappropriate video content and comments in their livestreams. Now it has removed The Playroom , the fun PlayStation Camera demo game bundled with every PS4, from its directory. Twitch’s terms of service explicitly say that it’s only for game content, and I can’t think of a less-bad option for dealing with users who ignore that. But what happens when games that aren’t just hardware demos come along and are similarly abused? A Twitch spokesperson said content is “always gauged on a case by case basis” according to those terms. A “majority” of users streaming The Playroom were using it for “non-gaming related” content, according to a company statement. But, even if one person using a console has read ( hah! ) and agreed to the terms of service, one of the differences between consoles and personal computers — Twitch’s longtime stomping ground — is that they’re designed to be used by many people in various combinations at different times. Entering the living room and expecting everyone to pretend they’re alone at a desk is not a sound strategy as social gamecasting matures. Although initially planned for launch, as it was on the PS4, Microsoft delayed Twitch streaming on its competing next-gen console, the Xbox One, until Q1 2014.

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Twitch Takes Up Cat Herding With Ban on PlayStation 4′s Playroom

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