/// Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special Breaks Records

November 26, 2013  |  Media Week

With day-and-date broadcasts in some 94 countries on six continents (no one wanted the Antarctica contract, apparently) on Saturday, the BBC's 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who set an official Guiness record for most simulcasts ever, and it also managed to log the most viewers for a single program in the history of the BBC America. In the network's target demo—25-54-year-olds—the show garnered 1.2 million viewers. Not bad for 2:50 on a Saturday afternoon. The episode of the long-running time-traveling sci-fi series, in which everyone who'd ever played the Doctor appears (some in the form of rerun footage, granted), also screened in 11 cities during the airtime via mini-distributor NCM Fathom. The screening, in 3D, got an encore performance in some 300 cinemas the next day and is still playing this evening . The event was billed as the first meeting between the last two Doctors—the same character as interpreted (quite differently) by previous Doctor David Tennant and the current model, Matt Smith. The blowout doubtless cost the BBC a pretty penny, but it did well domestically for the British network, too. Some 10.61 million Brits tuned in—not quite the most viewers of the evening, with competition reality show Strictly Come Dancing edging it out—making it a banner evening for the Beeb, as well. (The program hasn't done as well on the airwaves since it got a spit-shine from showrunner Russell T

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Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special Breaks Records

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