/// Jury: Samsung Owes Apple Another $290 Million

November 21, 2013  |  All Things Digital

A federal jury on Thursday ruled that Samsung owes Apple a further $290 million for infringing on the iPhone maker’s patented technology, according to multiple reports from inside the courtroom. The award concludes a partial retrial of last year’s landmark case between the electronics giants. A jury in that case ruled in Apple’s favor and awarded $1 billion in damages. However, Judge Lucy Koh ruled that more than $400 million of that award was improperly calculated, necessitating the current retrial . Apple had argued it was due a further $379 million, while Samsung maintained it should only owe $52 million for the portion of damages being reconsidered. Barring a successful appeal, Samsung also owes roughly $640 million in damages from the original verdict as well. The six woman, two man jury deliberated for part of three days before returning its verdict. During that time, the jury requested additional paper and pens, better lunch as well as a copy of the sketches of them done by a courtroom artist. This decision, while widely watched, does little to settle the litigation between the two companies, which spans multiple courtrooms and continents. Another case is set for trial next year before Judge Koh involving a newer generation of Samsung’s products, meanwhile both sides are appealing various parts of this current case.

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Jury: Samsung Owes Apple Another $290 Million

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