/// Acer’s Executive Reshuffle Reshuffled

November 21, 2013  |  All Things Digital

Acer just ousted its second CEO in a month. Two weeks after tapping Jim Wong as its next chief executive officer, the PC maker on Thursday said he too will step down “in light of the company’s recent performance.” Instead, Acer founder Stan Shih, who retired from the company in 2004, will return to it as chairman and interim corporate president. The 68-year-old Shih’s return, nine years after his retirement, is another dramatic turn in Acer’s crisis of leadership which began earlier this month with the resignation of CEO J.T. Wang and his replacement by Wong. That move, which followed a nasty third quarter loss and the announcement of a middling round of layoffs, was intended to right Acer as it struggles amid the worst market for personal computers in history. But now, not a month later, both Wang and Wong are out, and power is being consolidated around Shih in what Acer describes as an effort “to boost the companys decision making efficiency.” A troubling game of music chairs for Acer, but a necessary one it seems. The world’s No. 4 PC maker has been suffering amid declining demand for computers. According to Gartner, third quarter worldwide PC shipments fell 8.6 percent year-over-year, their sixth straight quarter of decline. And Acer, once the world’s second biggest PC vendor behind HP, has been having a harder time than most keeping its footing. Here’s the announcement: 2013-11-21 Acer’s Board Elects Stan Shih as New Chairman and Interim Corporate President as J.T. Wang and Jim Wong Step Down TAIPEI, TAIWAN Acer announces that its Board of Directors has elected the company founder, Stan Shih, as Chairman and interim Corporate President with immediate effect. Shih shall serve as Acer’s Chairman until the end of his term on the Board. Chairman & CEO J.T

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Acer’s Executive Reshuffle Reshuffled

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