/// Apprenda, Helping Big Companies Embrace the Cloud, Lands $16 Million

November 20, 2013  |  All Things Digital

Image copyright Johannes Kornelius There are lots of companies out there that would like to move their existing software applications to the cloud. They work, though they typically required a lot of time and effort and expense to build in the first place. But there’s also a lot of expensive infrastructure tied up in running them that could be eliminated. Modernizing applications is just one service provided by Apprenda, a New York-based startup that offers what it calls a platform-as-a-service solution for building and managing new applications. It focuses primarily on Microsoft’s .NET and Oracle’s Java, which are still very much considered the underpinning of enterprise IT applications. Anyway, if you have older apps built on these platforms, Apprenda aims to help you move them to the cloud. And if you’re still not comfortable running them on say, Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure, Apprenda, based in Clifton Park, N.Y., will help you deploy them to a private cloud or to a mixed environment where some apps run in private and some in public.

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Apprenda, Helping Big Companies Embrace the Cloud, Lands $16 Million

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