/// SurveyMonkey Launches an Enterprise Version

November 19, 2013  |  All Things Digital

For years there’s been a well-established tradition among certain distinctive tech companies that goes a little like this: A company launches and builds up a successful product or service. People like it so much they start using it at work, even though the corporate IT policy doesn’t officially support it. Examples that come to mind over the years include the original PalmPilot and, more recently, the cloud file storage service DropBox. It’s a common enough occurrence now that the tech industry has created a phrase to describe the phenomenon — the consumerization of enterprise IT. It’s a term so over-used in recent years that I try to avoid using it entirely, although it’s a rare company that can really claim have done it effectively. Here’s one that seems to have done it, but one that you probably wouldn’t necessarily think about in that way: SurveyMonkey. It turns out that SurveyMonkey, a 14-year old company that specializes in doing Web-based surveys and questionnaires, has never had an enterprise-class product. Now it does and it is called SurveyMonkey Enterprise, an enterprise-grade version that tracks how everyone in a company has been using it, and aggregates all their account data — including the historical data from past surveys — in one place

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SurveyMonkey Launches an Enterprise Version

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