/// Apple Makes Case for Why it Deserves $379 Million More From Samsung

November 19, 2013  |  All Things Digital

Apple is making its case Tuesday for why it believes it deserves most of the $400 million in damages that is at issue in a partial retrial of last year’s patent infringement case with Samsung. The original jury’s finding of infringement on Samsung’s part, as well as a good chunk of the $1 billion verdict remains intact. However, Judge Lucy Koh ruled that jury erred in how it calculated part of the damages calculation, necessitating the current retrial . Apple argues it is due $379 million for the products at issue, while Samsung has maintained it should only have to pay $52 million. Both sides are appealing various parts of the original issue as well, with Apple seeking injunctions on certain Samsung products and Samsung looking to have the original verdict thrown out due to what it says are multiple procedural errors in the case. While witnesses may forget details and lawyers can make fancy arguments for what could have been, Apple lawyer Bill Lee argued that the paperwork in the case supports the case that Apple’s patents are significant and were important to the company’s effort to catch up to the iPhone and iPad, which Lee characterized as revolutionary and gorgeous, citing press reports. “Documents don’t lie,” Apple lawyer Bill Lee said, beginning its closing argument in the case

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Apple Makes Case for Why it Deserves $379 Million More From Samsung

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