/// Too Many Brands Are Still Employing a Check-the-Box Strategy

November 18, 2013  |  Media Week

Specs Who David Lawenda Age 46 New gig Facebook’s vp of global marketing solutions, U.S. Old gig Univision’s president of ad sales and marketing Your last career stop was at Univision. A few weeks after Facebook hired you, it opened a Miami office and announced a Hispanic marketing conference there. Is it safe to say that the Spanish-language demo now has Facebook’s full attention? Most definitely, and it’s because U.S. Hispanics across the online spectrum continue to grow. We got 23 million people in this affinity group. What kind of ad sales growth can you achieve with the Hispanic market? It’s still an untapped space across all media platforms, so I am very bullish on this opportunity. At Facebook, where we haven’t been as focused on what we bring to the table until just now, I’d say we are expecting huge growth. Facebook often talks about how big CPGs like Nestl

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