/// Verizon Stocks Up on TV Everywhere Tech By Buying upLynk

November 14, 2013  |  All Things Digital

Verizon has been talking to Intel about buying the chipmaker’s Web TV business . But in the meantime it is buying other digital TV tech: The telco says  it has purchased   upLynk , a startup that makes it easier to stream video on the Web. The purchase is worth noting because for the past year or so, upLynk has been describing itself as a software company that can help programmers and pay TV providers with their “TV Everywhere” strategy, which is supposed to let people watch any show they want, on any device — as long as they are pay TV subscribers. upLynk’s biggest claims to fame so far are the projects it has been doing with Disney. Its encoding software helps power the programmer’s Watch Disney and ABC Player apps, as well as the Watch ABC app that lets pay TV subs watch live streaming TV on their iPads. Verizon didn’t disclose a purchase price for the Los Angeles-based company, but a person familiar with the transaction puts the purchase price at more than $75 million. When upLynk introduced itself to the press at the beginning of the year, it described itself as self-funded.

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