/// The NYT’s Nick Bilton Talks About His Book on IPO-Ready Twitter (Video)

November 3, 2013  |  All Things Digital

I always like to indulge in a little log-rolling in your time, but this video interview I did with New York Times columnist Nick Bilton about this new book is pretty fun. “Hatching Twitter: A True Story of Money, Power, Friendship, and Betrayal” comes officially comes out on Tuesday. But it is already being reviewed and munched over by many for its many controversial stories about the founding of San Francisco-based social microblogging phenom. Including: Former CEO and co-founder Jack Dorsey fired! Former CEO and co-founder Evan Williams hired! Dorsey returns! Williams fired! Current CEO Dick Costolo hired! Costolo almost fired! Essentially, it is like a Spanish telenovela over there at Twitter, except it’s all dudes falling in and out of bromances. Bilton noted to me that it reads like a mystery novel, akin to the game Clue. As in: Board member and VC Peter Fenton in the server room with a virtual hammer! Since Twitter is going public this week — ya might have heard — Bilton’s timing could not be better. Here’s my interview with Bilton, who showed up at my house in the Castro on Halloween night. (It is an annual costume apocalypse in my neighborhood, so this guy really wants to sell that book!) Here’s the interview: [ See post to watch video ]

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The NYT’s Nick Bilton Talks About His Book on IPO-Ready Twitter (Video)

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