/// About Those Google+ User Numbers …

October 31, 2013  |  All Things Digital

Since its inception, it has been tough to tell just how well Google’s social network, Google+, is doing. Every time Google+ releases a new set of user number statistics, their accuracy and methods are almost immediately called into question . According to information released on Thursday, it seems that skepticism was well warranted. Take Amir Efrati’s Thursday morning story on Google+ , which called into question the 300 million active, “in the stream” user visits Google+ recently claimed it received each month . As Efrati wrote, citing anonymous sources, and Google confirmed to AllThingsD , the “stream” is more broadly defined than one would think. It also means clicking on the little red bell or share icons you see across all of Google’s properties. Quoth Google, in a statement to AllThingsD : “Yes, clicking on the notifications bell does count in our monthly actives metric for the Stream. If you click anywhere which leads to the Stream being loaded and displayed, we count you as viewing the Stream. The Stream is rendered on mobile (Android and iOS), on the Web at plus.google.com, and when you click and open a notification view of the Stream on desktop properties.” To be fair to Google+, yes, you can still reach and use Google+ from all other Google sites. Click the bell when you’re in your Gmail account screen and you’ll indeed be presented with a small, stream-like view of Google+ content. It’s possible that people are sharing from there. And what’s more, competitors like Facebook also define monthly active users fairly broadly.

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About Those Google+ User Numbers …

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