/// Twitter’s Roadshow Video: No Frills, by Design

October 25, 2013  |  All Things Digital

Twitter’s IPO roadshow presentation was posted to the Web on Friday morning, as the company kicks off its tour to pitch to investment firms around the country. The most remarkable point: It’s completely unremarkable , a stark contrast to an obvious comparison — the highly produced Facebook roadshow video we saw last year. Twitter’s video consists basically of CEO Dick Costolo laying out exactly what makes Twitter tick, and walking investors through the company’s ad products and user statistics. CFO Mike Gupta makes an appearance later on, explaining monetization and the company’s rapid revenue growth. But, unlike Facebook’s production, Costolo and Gupta appear against a plain, static backdrop, and run through a series of slides to lay out Twitter — basically the template for any other soon-to-be-public company creating a roadshow video. Compare that to the sweeping camera angles, animated graphics and airy soundtrack seen in Facebook’s pitch. Twitter’s S-1, too, was plain and understated. It lacked the founder’s letter that Facebook’s Zuckerberg penned, instead putting much of the focus again on exactly how Twitter works. Make no mistake: Twitter’s “no frills” approach is entirely by design

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Twitter’s Roadshow Video: No Frills, by Design

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