/// Meet Blogger Mobile: Biz Stone’s Idea for Twitter Before It Was Twitter

October 18, 2013  |  All Things Digital

Even with the best of ideas, timing is still everything. And sometimes you arrive years too early to something big. Just ask Biz Stone, one of the co-founders of Twitter, who in the early 2000s made multiple attempts to build a simple, lightweight publishing service — all years before Twitter was ever on the radar. In a series of old blog posts, aptly enough, Stone documented much of his thought process of what a Twitter-like product could be, and made several early versions of a short-form blogging service. The first attempt came in 2003 with Sideblogger, a small project Stone worked on with programmer Chris MacDonald , tailored for entries that were “ too short for your main blog ,” as Stone once put it. Read this line from his early thoughts on the product: “My last post was 377 characters. My RSS reader is set to 255 characters. Maybe 255 is a new blog standard? The point at which post becomes essay?” Not quite 140 characters yet, but prescient enough. Sideblogger didn’t work out — Google ended up freaking Stone out by asking him to take “Blogger” out of the title , as the company owned the eponymous service. Later on, after Stone ended up joining Google and Blogger, came the Blogger Mobile project you see in the photo above. Stone, early Twitter product leader Jason Goldman , and Jason Shellen , another Blogger veteran, all collaborated on the project. This is quintessential Twitter before actually becoming Twitter


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Meet Blogger Mobile: Biz Stone’s Idea for Twitter Before It Was Twitter

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