/// 10 Things I Want from My iWatch

October 16, 2013  |  All Things Digital

Watch image copyright Georgejmclittle With the launch of the iPhone 5s, we may have the heart of a new device: The much-rumored iWatch. Apple says the M7 coprocessor allows for incredibly sophisticated motion tracking — it understands whether you’re walking, running, or even driving. It certainly sounds promising for powering a biometric-centered smart watch for Apple. It would need to be. Tim Cook’s comment at the AllThingsD conference that the good wearable devices on the market right now only do one thing well, and that the devices that do more than one thing don’t do them particularly well, points to an overarching goal for Apple: one device that does all of these things well. But what are all of these “things”? For the iWatch, I break them into three big categories: optimize my life, keep my hands out of my pockets, and make me look good. Optimize My Life Most of the products on the market right now try to optimize our lives through health trends. Nike’s Fuelband, Jawbone’s Up, Fitbit, Misfit’s Shine, Basis, and others all work on the premise that we need to quantify our behavior, identify trends, and adjust our lives to move more and sleep better. 24/7 Wearability . The first rule to optimizing my life is you have to live with me — while I sleep, work, shower, watch TV, exercise, read, do dishes, take out the trash, whatever. I don’t want to worry about taking my iWatch off

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10 Things I Want from My iWatch

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