/// Hyundai Giving Away Another Zombie-Proof Survival Machine in Latest Walking Dead Tie-In

October 15, 2013  |  Media Week

The new ad in Hyundai's ongoing tie-in with AMC megahit series The Walking Dead features a scruffy bunch of zombiepocalyse survivors who could pass for Woodbury refugees taking shelter with Sheriff Rick and crew. That means they'll probably be dead soon. Sharp sticks will get them only so far against angry hordes of walkers and that pesky black cloud that hangs over our heroes. The latest commercial, from Innocean USA, helped kick off the drama's fourth season this week and launch the next round of Hyundai's Chop Shop initiative. Fans can win a custom-designed tricked-out zombie-proof 2014 Hyundai Tucson in the “Survive and Drive” sweepstakes. If it's anything like the inaugural prize, unveiled at the recent New York Comic-Con, there will be razor wire and machine guns. Hyundai, an early sponsor of The Walking Dead, has to love this killer alliance. The show's season 4 premiere pulled in a record-busting 16.1 million viewers, up 30 percent from its previous high-water mark. More Chop Shop-centric ads will debut on Hyundai's social media networks within the next few weeks. See the previews below.

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