/// What Last Week’s Anti-U.S. Shift in Internet Governance Means to You

October 14, 2013  |  All Things Digital

Last week a group of the Internet’s governing organizations announced they were effectively turning their backs on the United States. The heads of ICANN, the Internet Engineering Task Force, the Internet Architecture Board, the World Wide Web Consortium and the Internet Society, backed by the heads of the regional registrars for global top-level domains, issued a statement calling for the “acceleration of the globalization” of the functions carried out by ICANN and IANA. In the arcane world of Internet administration and governances, this was seen as something of an important shift away from the U.S.-centric bent the Internet has had since its inception, and in time it may be seen as a turning point toward a more global governing framework. But there’s no question the transition is going to be sticky. So what is all this about and why should you care about it? That was my first question for Milton Mueller, a professor of Information Studies at Syracuse University who follows this closely. He has written a book on the subject , and also writes the Internet Governance Project Blog . AllThingsD: Milton, I have to admit, I get a little confused when I get down into the trenches with Internet governance. Last week’s statement by the governing organizations to shift away from the U.S

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What Last Week’s Anti-U.S. Shift in Internet Governance Means to You

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