/// Twitter Is Made for Mobile, but It Still Has a Mobile Ad Gap

October 4, 2013  |  All Things Digital

The move to mobile has been a problem for traditional Web publishers, who usually make less ad money from users on phones and tablets than they do from users on PCs . And when Facebook went public last year, mobile became a glaring issue, when investors focused on the fact that Mark Zuckerberg had no mobile revenue at all. Twitter isn’t supposed to have a mobile problem, since the company has been designed for phones from the start. Recall that in the company’s early days, it was built specifically for text messages. And last year, when Facebook was flailing at mobile, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo made a point of telling people he was making real money from phones . But it turns out that Twitter still has a mobile gap, just like everyone else: When people use Twitter on their phones, they generate less money for the company. Twitter doesn’t spell out the size of its mobile gap, but it does talk about it in its S-1 document , filed yesterday. The big problem: Two of Twitter’s primary ad products — “Promoted Accounts” and “Promoted Trends” — don’t work very well on mobile phones because it’s hard for people to see them

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Twitter Is Made for Mobile, but It Still Has a Mobile Ad Gap

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