/// Modern Family on USA Rates About the Same as Big Bang on TBS Last Year

October 3, 2013  |  Media Week

Buyers have been complaining for weeks now about the possibility that Modern Family on USA would not live up to its super-high asking price (a reported 1.4 million an episode) or the hard bargain driven by the network during this season's negotiations (the network's upfront commitments were very strong). Now that the hit ABC sitcom been on USA for a week, the naysaying has gotten, if anything, louder. But not wiser. Okay, so if you want to run the numbers against TBS's ratings for The Big Bang Theory, which is now the gold standard for off-net comedy replays, you'll see that during the same week, the roughly 1 million viewers a night Modern Family has brought in pale by comparison to Big Bang, which averaged a stout 2.59 million over—sit down for this one— 43

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