/// How Can You Undo an Upgrade to Apple’s New iOS 7?

October 2, 2013  |  All Things Digital

Q: I have an iPhone 4S and I upgraded to the iOS 7 operating system, but I really dislike it. Is there any way to get the old iOS 6 back? A: No, Apple typically doesn’t allow downgrades or reversals to an older operating system. For a brief period after the new OS appeared, there was a workaround to do it, but now you can’t. Q: I am concerned about the security implications of allowing Siri, the Notification Center and the new Control Center on the iPhone to be used even though my phone is locked. Is there a way to prevent that? A: Yes, in the Settings app in iOS 7, you can block all three features from use on the lock screen. For Notification Center and Control Center, go to their sections of the Settings app and turn off the switches that say “Access on Lock Screen.” For Siri, go to the General section of Settings, and then to “Passcode Lock.” Turn off the Siri switch under “Allow Access When Locked.” Q: My wife and I—one pulling 70, the other pushing 80—need to buy new PCs. We are only interested in connecting to the Internet for news, and exchanging emails. What notebook/PC would you recommend for us? Also, should we get Windows 8 or stick with Windows 7, with which we are familiar? A: I would buy simple, basic, Windows PCs, without touch screens, for around $500

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How Can You Undo an Upgrade to Apple’s New iOS 7?

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