/// New iOS App Memoir Jogs Your Memory With Old Photos

September 30, 2013  |  All Things Digital

Call it a first-world problem: The more photos we capture with our fancy smartphones, the more photos we have to sort through. In the future, we may look back at the many thousands of digital photos we have and think, “When was that trip, again?” or “Where did I enjoy that fantastic meal?” or “How did I manage to take so many photos of pocket lint?” That’s where Memoir comes in. It’s a free, iOS-only mobile app that launched the same day that iOS 7, Apple’s latest operating system, was released. Memoir is a photo-storage app that automates an album-like approach to organizing your photos. It pulls photos from your smartphone camera roll and popular social networks. [ See post to watch video ] Then it shows you the most recent ones, as well as photos and social network check-ins from that same day two, three, or five years ago. You can also search for your photos using keywords, such as “July 2011,” “Costa Rica” or a person’s name. Maybe you’ve heard of TimeHop, the app that shows you what you were sharing on your social networks “a year ago today.” Memoir is like TimeHop for photos. In addition to jogging your memory, another incentive of the app is that it is completely free, at least for now. There is no cap on the amount of photos you can store in Memoir’s cloud (although, the photos stored are compressed). Many other services will charge you for photo-storage space that exceeds a certain amount. I’ve been using Memoir for the past five days

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New iOS App Memoir Jogs Your Memory With Old Photos

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