/// Valve’s Final Reveal: A Steam Controller With Dual Trackpads, Touchscreen

September 27, 2013  |  All Things Digital

Today, Valve revealed the final piece for its plans to bring PC gaming to the living room: A game controller. The Steam Controller is shaped like a traditional controller but features two circular, clickable trackpads instead of analog sticks. Valve said that the trackpads allow for “far higher fidelity input” and come close to the experience and precision offered by a desktop mouse. In addition, the trackpads are equipped with small electromagnets that provide haptic feedback. Between the two trackpads is a touchscreen that can also serve as a single, clickable button. Using Valve’s API, developers can build their games to use the touchscreen as a scrolling menu, a radial dial or a secondary screen. Valve also said that actions prompted by the controller’s touchscreen will be overlaid onto the game, so players don’t have to look back and forth between their TV and the controller. The Steam Controller has 16 buttons total, and the location of each control is based on frequency of use, precision required and ergonomics. Built from the ground up, the Steam Controller has been in the works at Valve for about a year. The idea behind it was to make games that were playable only with a keyboard and mouse accessible from the sofa. The Steam Controller will work with any game available on Steam

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Valve’s Final Reveal: A Steam Controller With Dual Trackpads, Touchscreen

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