/// A Kids’ App That Entertains With Talk, Not Taps

September 26, 2013  |  All Things Digital

For the past week, I’ve been talking out loud to my iPad — a lot. My conversing with inanimate objects might not come as a complete surprise to those who know me well, but even they might be shocked (concerned?) at the things I was yelling at my tablet. “Fruit bat!” “Pickup truck!” “Corn!” But I haven’t gone off the deep end just yet. Instead, I’ve been testing a new interactive kids’ app called The Winston Show by ToyTalk . [ See post to watch video ] Created by former Pixar employees, The Winston Show is an entertainment-focused app for children ages four and up, though there is a small educational aspect to it. It centers around a variety show hosted by a friendly yellow blob named Winston, and your child gets to be the star of the show. The app is free, but it requires a Wi-Fi or cellular connection, and is currently only available for the iPad. Since many kids today interact with smartphones and tablets, the main goal behind The Winston Show is to engage children through conversation and not just through a series of taps and swipes on a screen. The app does so by using a combination of speech-recognition technology and artificial intelligence to get Winston to listen and reply to your child’s responses. Overall, I found The Winston Show to be an amusing and captivating app that’s much more personal than some other interactive kid’s toys I’ve tested, like Talking Friends Superstar . When I let a couple of my friends’ kids play with it, they enjoyed telling Winston about their favorite sports, participating in quiz shows, and helping with story time. But it wasn’t all fun and games

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A Kids’ App That Entertains With Talk, Not Taps

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