/// Solving the Mystery Around the New Facebook-PayPal Partnership

September 25, 2013  |  All Things Digital

Facebook and PayPal have been partners in some way for over three years now, ever since Facebook started accepting PayPal as a funding source for the now defunct Facebook Credits. But Facebook and PayPal now want you to know that they are partnering some more. The problem is: Neither side is able to explain how this new partnership will work. Let’s back up for a second. Facebook this week announced the test launch of a product it is calling “Autofill,” which AllThingsD first wrote about last month. The product aims to make buying things on mobile apps easier. It accomplishes this by giving shoppers the option to automatically uploading their credit card information into the app by logging in with with their Facebook account info, as long as the shopper has previously bought something on Facebook using the credit card. When AllThingsD first broke the news of the product, we explained that it could be viewed as competitive with PayPal, since both Facebook and PayPal are both now pushing what are essentially “buy with us” buttons on checkout pages.

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Solving the Mystery Around the New Facebook-PayPal Partnership

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