/// WhoSay Brings Dirt-Free Celebrity News, Created by Celebrities, to Your iPhone

September 17, 2013  |  All Things Digital

Who thinks the world needs another celebrity news outlet? A bunch of celebrities, who will make money if they’re right. Here’s their app, which is produced by WhoSay , a startup whose investors include Amazon, Comcast and CAA, the Hollywood talent powerhouse. WhoSay started out as a social media dashboard , which was supposed to make it easier for celebs – or their teams – to publish stuff to Twitter, Facebook, and other outlets. Now they’re using that same output to put together what they’re calling a “digital magazine”. If you download WhoSay to your iPhone, you’ll see that it looks a whole lot like Twitter and Facebook. Except you can’t follow your friends, or the news, or anyone or anything else except famous people. Here’s comedian Sarah Silverman, wearing a t-shirt.

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