/// Our Picks for the Best Fall Shows Across the Whole Media Spectrum

September 16, 2013  |  Media Week

Ask anybody who writes about television about the future of programming and he will let you know the best shows aren't on broadcast anymore. Increasingly, they're not necessarily on TV. Netflix, AMC and others have demonstrated incontrovertibly that there's a robust market for challenging, niche-market material that engages adults—and the production world has responded accordingly. The trouble is, there's so much of it that your average couch potato isn't necessarily going to find all the great new shows without a little help. “You have streaming services, on-the-go apps—you have so many services for consumers that there are too many people watching too much programming,” says Darcy Bowe, vp, media director at Starcom. “Frequently, there's not enough sampling for each person to create a viable audience.” That's where we come in. Here, our picks for the best new shows across the whole media spectrum. You're welcome.

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