/// Long Known for Storing and Sharing, Box Aims to Be More About Doing

September 16, 2013  |  All Things Digital

It’s becoming ever less accurate to refer to the cloud company Box as a company focused on enterprise file storage. Lately people have been adding the phrase “and collaboration” to their description of the company because it speaks a little more to the wider ambitions of what Box aims to do. Today that got a little clearer when the company announced Box Notes, a new lightweight text editing tool that is being added to the Box service. While it has often been talked about in the same breath as Dropbox, the consumer-focused file storage service in the cloud, IPO-bound Box is starting to look a lot more like Google Docs every day. That’s probably no accident. Last year, it hired Sam Schillace , the founder of Writely, the Web-based word processor that eventually became the foundation for what we now call Google Docs or Google Apps. And earlier this year, Box acquired Crocodoc , a document-sharing company that uses HTML to power a sharing service that’s a little like Scribd and DocStoc. CEO Aaron Levie has been talking a lot these days about how Box wants to be the “ content layer ” in the cloud.

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Long Known for Storing and Sharing, Box Aims to Be More About Doing

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