/// PeeqPeeq and the Big Idea of the Inbox as Data Source

September 14, 2013  |  All Things Digital

While many tech startups like to talk about “killing email” or “reinventing the inbox,” Lee Ott loves email. Why? Almost everybody uses it. But the problem is, even the cleanest inbox crowds up with piles of messages from a wide variety of people and brands and contexts and urgencies. Ott’s startup Rokket Launch would like to sort through all that email and turn it into apps that draw out the good stuff. Instead of building apps that pressure people to clean out their email and get to “inbox zero,” Ott wants to use email as a data source. Rocket Launch’s first product is called PeeqPeeq . With permission, it sucks up all the shopping-related emails from a person’s inbox and organized them into a store on Web, iPhone and iPad. At the same time, it sorts those messages into a folder outside of the inbox. “It’s like Zite or Flipboard for shopping,” Ott says, as the app becomes a sort of personalized, up-to-date catalog of stuff to buy. He cites research ( PDF ) from ExactTarget that found 96 percent of daily email users subscribe to at least one brand’s email messages. Rokket Launch CEO Lee Ott PeeqPeeq’s smarts are in doing things like noting when a sale ends today, and cross-referencing a retailer’s Web site so when they email out about a storewide discount, it knows all the items that qualify. Users can also subscribe to any of 6,000 additional stores whose email newsletters PeeqPeeq receives and scrapes. Personally, I’m not passionate enough about online shopping to want to open an app like this up all the time — and I can understand why some people would be hesitant to let PeeqPeeq peek through their emails. And the notion of sucking information out of email isn’t really that new; for instance, Xobni did this for contacts. But Ott does a good job of articulating why this larger topic is relevant

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PeeqPeeq and the Big Idea of the Inbox as Data Source

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