/// Eminem and ESPN Take a Page from Miley Cyrus and MTV

September 8, 2013  |  All Things Digital

Remember when Eminem was a cultural figure who generated lots of attention for outrageous words and deeds? That was a long time ago! But you can teach an old dog new tricks, which is what appeared to happen tonight on ESPN. Marshall Mathers appeared during halftime of the Michigan-Notre Dame game, ostensibly to be interviewed by Brent Musberger and Kirk Herbstreit and to promote a new video. And then this happened: Cue freaked-out Twitter, and instant rebroadcasts on Deadspin , Bleacher Report , CBSSports.com , Vine , YouTube , etc. (Thanks to Robbie Trencheny for providing me the first embeddable link for this; the rest of you are all awesome, too . As entertaining as all of this is, though, let’s use Occam’s Razor and assume Eminem knew exactly what he was doing — he was doing a thing that lots of people would see on TV, and that many more would then discuss on the Internet. This worked very well for Miley Cyrus and Viacom , and my hunch is that it will continue to work well for quite some time. And as long as I’m conscious of my role in it, I don’t mind being a cog in this part of the Industrial Infotainment Complex. Also! *Which explains why Eminem was catatonic and then not (see this extended clip , courtesy Ian Schafer ). And also why Eminem, or whoever controls his Instgram account, posted this image tonight:

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Eminem and ESPN Take a Page from Miley Cyrus and MTV

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