/// On Chrome Web Store, Real Games Mix With Mario Knockoffs

September 6, 2013  |  All Things Digital

We’ve heard it over and over again (and arguably for good reason ): Nintendo does not make games for platforms it does not control. So, imagine my surprise yesterday when I stumbled across a dozen or so Mario games on Google’s Chrome Web Store. These games are no more real than that Rolex you bought for $15 in Times Square — they’re unlicensed, generally low-quality knockoffs, taking advantage of the openness of Google’s browser, which just turned five . Many of the store’s new native desktop apps look like snazzy cousins of the apps you might find in the Google Play Store on Android; however, in Chrome’s Web app store (I know, these product names are all confusing), it’s still the wild west. In addition to the fake Marios, a cursory search of the Web app store yesterday turned up knockoffs of many other popular franchises: one for Fruit Ninja, two for Crash Bandicoot, four for Doodle Jump, nine for Candy Crush Saga and 10 for Sonic the Hedgehog. A source with knowledge of the store said Google investigates unauthorized apps if the content owners report the offending apps to the company. These fakes mix with real apps, like Rovio’s official Angry Birds Chrome Web app, and to separate the good from the bad, users have to check the developer’s website name. For example, one of the Candy Crush Saga knockoffs lists as its website candycrushsaga.blogspot.com, which is not one of King’s sites

On Chrome Web Store, Real Games Mix With Mario Knockoffs

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