/// Hey Yahoo! Take a Gander at These (Much Better) Crowdsourced Logos

September 6, 2013  |  All Things Digital

Yahoo debuted this new logo yesterday — the first redesign since 2009 (and not in 18 years, as the Silicon Valley Internet giant claimed) — and it was greeted with less-than-enthusiastic reviews. While everyone will eventually get used to it, I suppose, very few thought the effort — apparently done in all-nighter style over a weekend by CEO Marissa Mayer and various Yahoo elves — was up to snuff. For example, as I noted about the logo, which is above: The new logo is slimmer and neat, with the old serifs gone and minus the longtime whimsical tone. Stark and sensible — with an Optima font flavor and a whole lot of sharp edges (not very kid-friendly, IMHO) — it’s very much in keeping with CEO Marissa Mayer’s tidy design sensibilities. In fact, the new Yahoo logo kind of looks like it is a little hungry all the time, like some supermodel in a Vogue magazine spread. The Logo wears Prada! I consider naming it Giselle (and I wonder if I should offer Giselle a cronut?). And that was one of the nicer takes! But after getting an email tonight from DesignCrowd.com about what could have been, I am beginning to feel less charitable. That’s because the global design crowdsourcing startup — with over 130,000 designers — gave its community a challenge of coming up with something better. And, they did

Hey Yahoo! Take a Gander at These (Much Better) Crowdsourced Logos

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